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The Agriculture Observer is a technical publication established with a view to provide the platform to the people from various disciplines of agriculture education, research, extension and industry profession. This magazine aims to redefine the structure of agriculture, where it is perceived only as a livelihood profession.

It is published monthly as Online Open Access magazine in the official web page The publications are processed through Peer Reviews. Original articles, research short communications, success stories on all areas of agriculture, horticulture, forestry, food science and technology, fisheries, agriculture engineering, environment science, biotechnology, agri business management and community science.


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Publications are processed through Peer Reviews


Original articles, research short communications and success stories


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Agriculture Observer is a technical publication focused on agriculture and allied sciences. It is a platform to exchange technical knowledge of expert authors in the field of agriculture and allied sciences. It is focused to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. It supports in disseminating scientific information and latest findings among the scientific community all over the globe. The aim of magazine is to promote the professional development of its readers, researchers and scientists around the world.